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Food & Fiber

Bountiful Benefits for Food and Beverage Companies

Gadsden County, Florida is a perfect location for food processors and beverage makers. Its location within the state’s agriculture region ensures easy access to massive inputs from Florida farmers including citrus, fruits, melons, berries, nuts, vegetables, grains, beef cattle, dairy, poultry, eggs, and more.

Excellent distribution centers

Getting your products to market is no problem either. Several food distribution centers – many with cold-storage facilities – offer markets just a short drive away. Easy access to interstate highways ensures quick delivery of your products to consumer markets throughout the region and far beyond. And, did we mention there are more than 60 million consumers located within a day’s drive?

An abundant labor force

There’s also a labor force of more than 260,000 less than an hour’s drive away, which means food and beverage industries in Gadsden County have no trouble finding good, reliable workers.

Five industrial parks

Businesses of all sizes can find the space they need here. Gadsden County’s five industrial parks offer sites in all sizes, from as little as one acre – great for craft breweries and artisan food producers – to hundreds of acres for large-scale facilities.

High-quality water and reliable utilities

Water and energy are always important considerations for the food and beverage industry. According to the Northwest Florida Water Management District, Gadsden County’s water resources are capable of providing plenty of high-quality water to meet the processing demands of new and existing businesses well into the future. And, the county also offers reliable, affordable utilities capable of supporting even the most energy-intensive processes.

With all these benefits and more, businesses in the food and beverage industry can’t afford NOT to take a closer look at Gadsden County.  Click on the links to get started!


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