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Manufacturers are in Good Company Here

Gadsden County enjoys a robust manufacturing sector and is home to companies in the aerospace and defense industries, transportation, construction and food industries, and many that manufacture consumer products.

It’s no wonder that so many manufacturers have come to Gadsden County.  With five business parks offering plenty of space with outstanding infrastructure, Gadsden County is ideally suited for many different types of manufacturing.

Manufacturers here benefit from the great connectivity including the Interstate 10 corridor that runs through the middle of the county as well as extensive road and rail networks that provide access to air cargo facilities and ports along Florida’s east coast and up the Eastern seaboard. Together, these facilities provide a multitude of cost-effective shipping options.

Gadsden County manufacturers can also enjoy easy access to raw materials from nearby sources. For example, Florida’s forestry industry is thriving and can provide plenty of timber for businesses that manufacture wood products for construction and consumer markets. And, plastics manufacturers can rely on a steady supply of plastic pellets and other chemicals from companies in the gulf oil region just a couple of hours away.

Gadsden County also offers a myriad of other benefits for manufacturers, such as:

  • Competitive operating costs – the product of very affordable wages and utilities
  • A powerful package of state and local economic incentives tailored for manufacturers
  • Plenty of available sites ranging from one acre to hundreds of acres for businesses of all sizes
  • A well prepared labor force of more than 260,000 less than an hour’s drive away
  • A consumer market 60 million strong and counting, all within a day’s drive

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll be in good company here. There are many reasons why other manufacturers have chosen Gadsden County to call their home. Click on the links to see more!

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