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Welcome to Gadsden County, Florida

Gadsden County in North Florida is a great place to call home. There is a tranquil beauty in the countryside here, and old-fashioned towns provide a glimpse of “Old Florida” with all the amenities of a modern lifestyle.  The charm of this place belies the tremendous potential it holds for businesses seeking new and exciting opportunities.

Home to unlimited opportunities

Manufacturers and distribution companies, businesses in the food and beverage industry as well as retailers and businesses that thrive on tourism will all be surprised by what they find here:

  • A well connected network of interstates to move people to their destinations and products to nearby locations offering endless options for shipping by air, rail, and river
  • Five business parks with a great selection of sites in all sizes and zoned for light and heavy industry, commercial and office uses and warehousing
  • Affordable and abundant utilities capable of meeting the most demanding needs of business well into the future
  • Proximity and easy access to important commodities from Florida’s forestry, agriculture, and other industries
  • A well prepared local and regional workforce of more than 265,000
  • Thriving consumer markets, including six communities with more than 46,000 residents and thousands of visitors traveling through and to Gadsden County each year
  • An extraordinary variety of Florida Economic Development incentives and other local incentives that can be combined in different ways to help any type of business succeed

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