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Gadsden County offers advantages to thriving industries

Gadsden County, Florida offers a unique blend of business-building advantages to companies in some of today’s most competitive industries. Start with our location at a sweet spot of connectivity for all transportation modes. That allows manufacturers, distribution centers, and other businesses to move materials and products quickly and conveniently anywhere in the nation and the world.

Companies seeking those connections will find a remarkable selection of sites with top-quality infrastructure, including eight business parks. Whether your need is heavy or light industry, office uses, commercial space, or warehousing, Gadsden County has a place that’s ready for you.

Most important, our region is ready to deliver the workers your company needs. With a labor shed of more than 260,000 within an hour, and a three-state consortium of nine regional workforce boards, we have the workforce resources and the skills your company needs to get down to business quickly.

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