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Utilities in Gadsden County are abundant and affordable. The Talquin Electric Cooperative powers businesses throughout the county with two 650 megawatt generators at the Seminole Electric Cooperative – one of the cleanest coal plants in the country. The Jim Woodruff hydroelectric dam located on the Apalachicola River on the northern border of Gadsden County produces more than 200,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of power daily. Thirty-six  MW of capacity ensures additional power for the entire region with plenty to spare. The cities of Chattahoochee, Quincy, and Havana provide electric utilities for their customers.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is delivered to Gadsden County businesses by Florida Public Utilities, which gets its supplies via the Florida Gas Transmission (FGT) pipeline. The FGT line brings plentiful supplies from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama into Florida, and runs just south of Gadsden County. Gas supplies are also available through the Southern Natural Gas pipeline, which extends into Gadsden County from the north. The cities of Chattahoochee, Quincy, Havana, and Tallahassee serve customers with clean natural gas.


There’s plenty of water here, too. In fact, the Northwest Florida Water Management District’s most current Water Supply Assessment shows that Gadsden County’s water resources are capable of meeting the needs of new commercial and industrial businesses well into the future. Talquin Water & Sewer and the cities of Chattahoochee, Gretna, Quincy, and Havana provide water and wastewater services.


Telecommunications are provided by Comcast, Mediacom, AT&T, Southern Light, and TDS Telecom, which provide powerful and reliable fiber optic networks to support businesses with even the most demanding needs.

Gadsden County has the utilities your business needs to succeed. Check out the links to learn more about our impressive infrastructure.