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Tourism & Retail

Gadsden County is the Perfect Stopping Point

Gadsden County’s location in the Florida panhandle offers enormous opportunities for retailers and businesses that serve the tourism industry.

Access to millions of tourists

Florida’s mild and inviting climate attracts more than 100 million visitors each year. Many travel by air, arriving at the Tallahassee International Airport only half an hour away. And, many travel by car along the interstate and state highway corridors that run through Gadsden County.

Some of these travelers are passing through. Florida is only a day’s drive away from states throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Gadsden County is near the midpoint to destinations throughout the state making it a great stopping point for tired and hungry travelers. Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses will do well here.

Thousands of customers

Many travelers are headed for Gadsden County. Urban Floridians will find respite here, in the unspoiled Florida countryside. The county has worked hard to preserve its “Old Florida” feel and rural charm. Our Main Street Districts and the Florida Arts Trail invite visitors to linger here, making this a great place for breweries, restaurants, and shops that serve people looking for a unique shopping and dining experience.

A freshwater recreational haven

Gadsden County boasts North Florida’s largest concentration of major lakes and rivers, which draw thousands of visitors each year. Known as the “Freshwater Recreation Capital of America,” Gadsden County offers enormous opportunity for businesses that serve outdoor enthusiasts.

Thousands of people drive throughout Gadsden County each day. Many are tourists with money to spend, and others are residents ready to welcome more retail options close to home.