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Powerful Incentives on Every Level

Gadsden County is committed to helping companies interested in locating here take advantage of the enormous variety of economic development incentives. They are available on both state and local levels.  Together, these incentives are sure to put Gadsden County at the top of your list.

Tax benefits

Businesses locating in Gadsden County enjoy several tax benefits on the state level, including:

  • NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships or subchapter S-corporations
  • NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • NO state property taxes
  • NO property tax on business inventories or on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days
  • NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state
  • NO personal income tax


There are also many incentives available for specific industry sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Motion picture and music industries
  • Aircraft industry

Resources for every type of business

Florida’s Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund program and Florida Flex workforce training grant are highly effective when combined. The value of these programs increase with the level of jobs, wages and capital investment made. Significant capital investment will trigger use of Florida’s Capital Investment Tax Credit program.

Gadsden County has been designated as a Rural Area of Opportunity, or RAO, by the State of Florida, allowing special considerations to any company developing within that area. Local government can successfully leverage the state’s Rural Infrastructure Fund and federal Community Development Block Grants for projects requiring new infrastructure.

For smaller businesses, Florida’s Mainstreet Program offers economic development incentives focused on historic preservation. Main Street Districts in Chattahoochee and Quincy, along with the Havana Merchants Association, provide great opportunities for craft breweries, restaurants and shops and other small business that thrive in historic areas – providing places people come to find unique shopping and dining experiences.

On the local level, Gadsden County welcomes new businesses with its own set of incentives including property tax abatements for qualifying industries and comprehensive workforce training and employment services to help companies find workers with the skills they need.

On every level, Gadsden County is a great place to do business. Click on the links to see why. Or, contact us today – we’re here to help your business take advantage of everything we have to offer!

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