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Grand Opening Northside High School Ag Center

An Invitation from the Havana Community Development Corporation

Please attend the Grand Opening of the Northside High School Ag Center. It will be at 264 Carver Avenue, Havana on August 3rd, 2017 at 6:30 in the evening. Reliving the past and building the future of our old Havana Northside High School promises to bring 21st Century change to our community
In 2009, the Havana Community Development Corporation (HCDC) began the venture with zero dollars to restore the school. Built in 1962, it was the first high school in Northeast Gadsden County built to educate African American children.  To date, the HCDC has acquired a grant for $10,000 from the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners. They also received a $45,000 grant from Florida Department of State Historic Preservation Office. It provides dedicated funding for restoring the old agriculture building. This is the first phase of the project. 
HCDC agreed with Florida A & M University School of Business and Industry and Cooperative Extension to train and educate students to build aquaponics. This agreement is a $50,000 opportunity to showcase the project. 
These three grants, as well as private donors, have allowed the old Ag building to become functional with training classes and meeting spaces.  Many have come forward to help in preserving our school, but you are needed as well! 
The ultimate goal of the HCDC is to utilize the property as a community, training, and business center for health and nutrition programs. These will include small business development education and training, business incubator programs, youth entrepreneur education, adult and youth activities, and so much more
The Havana Community Development Corporation proud is to remain dedicated to this project. We are working to have Havana Northside High declared a historic site on the National Registry which will lead to greater funding opportunities
We hope you too can commit to building our field of dreams. We believe that “if we build it, they will come.”  Gladiators, community leaders, business leaders, churches, and family, we hope you choose to be a part of Havana Northside’s history and legacy.
This message is provided by the Havana Community Development Corporation.