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With five business parks in Gadsden County – including lots zoned for both heavy and light industry, commercial and office uses and warehousing – businesses of all types and sizes are sure to find a great selection of sites to choose from.  Gadsden County is ideal for any business that serves tourists, travelers, or any company that makes products or moves freight.

Together, these parks have the infrastructure in place to support manufacturing, logistics and distribution operations, food production and many other businesses and industries.

Three are located in North-Central Gadsden County – Gretna Industrial Park, the City of Quincy Industrial Park and the Southside Business Park, also located in Quincy. The Gadsden 10/90 and Hammock Creek Commerce Parks are located in the southeast part of the county with easy access to Interstate 10.

In addition to Gadsden County’s thriving business parks, there are six vibrant cities and towns in the county with many locations that offer a steady stream of traffic for retailers. Between 14,000 and 17,000 vehicles travel Interstate 10 each day and with four interchanges, opportunities abound for businesses that serve tourists and other travelers.

Land is very affordable here, too. And with such a large variety of sites and buildings available, you’ll find Gadsden County hard to ignore. Just click on the Search Sites & Buildings or park brochures links to see what we have to offer.

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